Sunday evenings at 5pm. Potluck follows at 6pm.

Our Liturgy

The words and prayers we use at Church of the Beloved come from the Book of Common Prayer, which is the standard prayer book used by the Episcopal Church.  Each week we share Holy Communion (bread and wine) as part of our worship together. Our service will be mostly the same each week: we hear readings from Scripture, a sermon from Meaghan or a guest preacher, a series of prayers, and then the celebration of Communion. The music changes from week to week, but after a few weeks the cadence of the service should start to feel familiar to you. 

If you have never attended an Episcopal Church, we try to make the service as accessible as possible. We provide books so that you can follow along with the service, and will always let you know what page we are on. The consistency in our worship helps us to know what to expect, and we hope that people find comfort in the routine of the prayers. Using the prayers and words that come from the Prayer Book help us to know that we are part of a long tradition of common worship. The prayers were thoughtfully and carefully written over the many years the Episcopal Church has existed. 

While the history of our service is extensive, we try to keep the worship experience simple and informal. We are reverent in our worship, but also understand our own humanity and laugh at ourselves easily and often.  We want people to feel spiritually challenged by our worship, but to also feel comfortable and authentic coming and being part of the Beloved family just as they are. 

Our Music

At Beloved members of our church family provide simple and beautiful music to accompany and enhance our worship experience. Most of our music is more contemporary in nature, but we also use some of the more simple hymns from the Episcopal Church Hymnal. 

Members of our congregation provide the leadership in our music, and we are blessed by the many years the people in our community have leading music and worship at other churches. They use piano, guitar, and hand drum along with their beautiful voices to lead us in song.