For years young people have come to ECC to find meaningful experiences and friendships. 



Each year at Jr/Sr Conference our week ends with a special Gospel service that our campers and staff work to create together. Counselors provide the sermon with stories about their time at ECC, and how their experience at this camp has changed their lives. 

Bridge Camp is one of the great sessions we offer in the summer, and allows high school students the opportunity to spend a short week with campers with special needs. This magical camp connects people in new and wonderful ways, and a great time is had by all present. 


Camps for Children 

These camps provide our campers with the opportunity to take part in swimming, crafts, activities, and chapel. Fun evening programs keep them happy and engaged. Our summer staff is on hand to supervise and care for children around the clock. 

Teen Camps

At our teen camps our campers have a little more autonomy, and take part in different activities depending on the program. Each morning our campers help with work projects, caring for the property and helping them have a sense of stewardship and responsibility. In the afternoon we offer different programs that lead to laughter, learning, and fun.