Frequently Asked Questions

Camp Registration 

How do I register for camp?

Our camp registration takes place online. If you need help with registration see this help page

What happens after I register?

You will receive confirmation emails from our registration system with information about your child's camp session. If you do not receive those emails, you either did not fully complete the registration (payment is required for completion) or the emails went to your spam or junk folders. Please check those folders and check our email as "not junk". The director will send out another email the week before camp with reminder information about your child's camp session. 

I can't pay the registration fee for camp at this time. Can I still register my child?

Yes, we are happy to help you with this. Please call the camp office at 401-568-4055 to speak to our office staff. 

Does ECC provide scholarship?

Yes. ECC wants everyone to have the camp experience regardless of financial capability. If you would like to apply for scholarship, during registration choose the scholarship payment plan option at check out. Then go to the forms section and fill out the scholarship application. We will then email you with a more in depth application. If you are a member of an Episcopal church, we will ask that you bring the application to your parish priest to request help from the church. 

Can I request that my child be in the same cabin as a friend?

Yes. A camper may request to be with one other camper, and the request must be made by both campers. Camper ages and grades should be the same or within one year of each other. Siblings (other than twins) are generally placed in different cabins. Any special needs may be communicated during the registration process.

To make a request for your child to share a cabin with a friend, log in to your account for registration and go to the Forms section. Fill out the Cabinmate Request form. 

Preparing for Camp

Where will my child stay when at camp?

The picture at the top of this page gives you a sense of what our camper cabins look like. Each cabin houses between 6 to 10 campers and 2 to 4 counselors. The cabins do not have air conditioning or plumbing (it's a short walk to the bathroom!), but Pascoag tends to be cool most nights. Cabins have bunk beds and campers can choose a top or bottom bunk when they arrive at registration. 

What should my child pack for camp?

Take a look at our packing list to help prepare for camp! 

What should we pack my child's belongings in?

We recommend a large duffle bag or suitcase. We also recommend sending a bag for dirty laundry! Some cabins are larger than others, so suitcases and bags allow for easy storing under beds and in storage areas in the cabin. 

Can my child have their phone, ipad, or tablet at camp?

No. We feel strongly that part of what makes the camp experience so wonderful is that our young people unplug and enjoy connection with God, themselves, and one another.


The Camp Experience

What happens on registration day?

For almost every camp session, registration takes place on the first day of camp between 3:30pm and 5pm. We understand campers are eager to arrive, but please understand we will not be able to open registration before 3:30pm, and if you arrive early you will need to wait outside until we are ready to begin.

When you arrive park in the parking lot and leave your things in the car. We will check you in at our registration table, then each camper will have a lice check. Campers with medication or medical issues will stop in at the nurse's station to speak with our healthcare team. 

From the registration area you can drive to the cabin to help your child unpack and get settled. The counselor will greet you at the cabin, and will stay with your children until our orientation meeting that begins at 5:15pm. Dinner will be served after the meeting, and after dinner we will begin our fun evening activities. 

What happens at the end of camp?

We end each camp session (except for Music Camp) with a closing Eucharist at 4pm on the last day of camp. Families and friends are welcome to come and join us for the service. Our closing service will help you get a sense of your child's week at camp, and we find it's a great starting off point for you to engage your child in conversation on the way home. After the church service you may drive to the cabin to pack the car and sign out your child with the cabin counselor.

What if my child gets homesick?

All of our counselors are trained on how to identify and deal with homesickness. The first thing we do is try to comfort your child and engage them in camp activities or - if it is nighttime - to help them to look forward to the next day. Often homesickness happens in the first night or two at camp, but the child then happily takes part in camp activities. If the child consistently asks to go home or if their homesickness seems to be preventing them from enjoying the camp experience, we will make a call home to parents for input about next steps. Sometimes a quick conversation with parents helps a child to relax. Occasionally it is best for the child to go home. We do everything we can to help each child enjoy camp, but we understand that not every child is able to stay and we honor their needs. 

Should I send money for my child to go to the camp store?

For larger purchases of camp apparel, our store will be open during registration and after our closing services. 

If your child is attending Bridge Camp or a Children’s Camp, a daily visit to the camp store is included as part of the camp fee and there is no reason to send money. 

If your child is enrolled in one of our camps for teens, the store is open several times a day. Campers can put their money in the store to use as "store credit" so they don't have to carry cash on them throughout the week. A typical amount of store credit for a week is between $10 and $20.