December 18, 2017

Dear Friends,

The first weekend of November was Fall Work Weekend at the Episcopal Conference Center, the very same weekend that our Diocesan Convention was held at St. Luke’s Church. Knowing Convention would hear a report from ECC, I asked the campers and staff to brainstorm some kind of message we could send along. They decided each person on the weekend would write a letter to explain their ECC experience.

One letter in particular stood out, and we chose to read that one as we filmed a short video of our group.  As the video was being played for Convention, we emailed all the letters to everyone who was watching.  Each letter was beautiful, but the words from the letter we read were especially poignant. Faith wrote:

“Camp is really an indescribable place. Not because it would be hard to explain the activities we participate in, or the daily schedule, or the lifelong friendships we make, but because of the feeling that is felt by all of us here.

Similar to attempting to describe what God looks like, it is hard for us to share with one of you how good it feels to be loved unconditionally. To be loved for everything we are, and everything we are not. This love is a rare phenomenon for teenagers to participate in, which is why camp means so much for us. We feel an acceptance here - an appreciation even - for who we are on the inside.

There is a light at the Episcopal Conference Center that shines brighter than any I have ever seen. And that light shines on the faces of those who have been here. Whether it was this past summer or forty years ago the light is just as bright.

Camp brings us closer to God by helping us to love our fellow humans, and I think that’s a truly incredible thing. Thank you for supporting us. Our gratitude is unconditional.”

The gratitude Faith wrote about is extended not only to our Convention delegates and the Bishop and clergy, but to each and every one of you. You know how much support it takes for this ministry to thrive. If you have prayed for us, sent campers here, served as a volunteer, attended an event, liked our posts on Facebook, watched our videos, made a donation, or told a friend about ECC – we thank you. We could not do this without you!

If you have not had the opportunity to support our ministry in some way, we hope you’ll consider an end of the year gift to ECC. We do not take a single gift for granted, and I can assure you that any gift made will help to continue the light and love shared in this place.

Please take a moment to watch the video we created at Fall Work and read our letters. 

Thank you for being our partners in ministry.  Our gratitude is unconditional.

Merry Christmas,

The Rev. Meaghan Brower

Director, ECC