For over 50 years young people have been coming to ECC to establish lifelong friendships, enjoy a safe and sacred environment, and deepen their relationship with God. We offer eight different sessions over the course of the summer for people of all ages – take a look at our summer schedule and see which week works for you and your family!

We begin each day together at ECC with Eucharist or Morning Prayer, and we end each day with the service of Compline in the barn.  By beginning each day inviting God into our midst, and ending each day in thanksgiving to God for our many blessings, we create an environment that is nothing short of magical.  Children play and swim and do arts and crafts.  Teenagers take part in work projects, have discussions in small groups, and sing, dance, and laugh at talent shows.  People who take part in our program learn that they are loved and celebrated for being their true selves at ECC – just as God created them to be. 

A painted rock at the entrance of the camp reads “He who enters here is a stranger but once.”  That has been the experience of generations of people who have come and called ECC a second home.  We welcome you as part of the family, and hope that you will come be part of our community and find another home! 



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