Inclusion Policy

The Diocese of RI prohibits discrimination against or harassment of any person in any of its programs or activities on the basis of sex, gender identity, gender expression, and sexual orientation. The Episcopal Conference Center must ensure that they do not discriminate against individuals (including youth campers, adult volunteers, and staff) on any of these bases. While this policy is not new, there has been a need in recent years to revisit the ways The Episcopal Conference Center carries out this policy and our inclusion practices.

All campers at ECC, but for the purposes of this document especially transgender campers can expect the following at our camp:

1.     Your identity as you define it will be honored and respected.

2.     Individuals who identify as transgender will be allowed to sleep, use the restroom, shower and participate in alignment with their gender identity. A single user facility or other private option will be made available to anyone who requests it.  

3.     We appreciate that every person has unique needs and levels of comfort, and we will work with each individual to honor their requests around their time at camp.

4.     We will protect the privacy of our campers, and there will be no announcement or notification to the community about the presence of a transgender camper.

5.     Ensuring full participation for transgender campers or staff does not infringe on the rights and opportunities of other campers, staff, or volunteers.

A note about inclusion:

One of the things that people have most valued about their ECC experience over the last 60 + years is that when they come here they can be truly themselves – free of judgment, criticism, or fear. We strive to love and accept all people for who they are.

ECC has welcomed transgender youth for many years, and we take pride in knowing this is a place where they feel they can be truly themselves – often disclosing this truth about themselves in a public way here for the first time. We yearn for all campers, staff and adults that participate in this program to feel free to be their authentic selves, and we will do everything we can to ensure they know they are loved by God, and by us, just as they are.

For more explanation and information about including transgender campers we encourage you to visit this site: