Registration Help

ECC uses Ultracamp to manage our camp registrations and donations. We encourage parents to use a computer instead of a smartphone to begin registration, as many pages will be easier to navigate. To register for camp, follow the link provided on our website to the log in page. If you have registered for camp (or made an online donation) you will already have an account. If you don't remember your username and password, try using your email address as the username and then resetting your password.  If you still are unable to access your account please email or call our camp office (401-568-4055 or

If you have never registered or made a donation online to camp before, please create a new account. 

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Making a Reservation

One you have entered your account, you'll see your home page. You can add or edit family members, begin a registration, make a payment, and much more. Begin the registration process by clicking on "Make a Reservation" along the left side of the page.  Follow the prompts through each page. If the session you are looking for does not appear, check to make sure your child's grade and age is accurate. To edit information about your family members click on their names and follow the prompts to edit. 

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See the video below for help with the registration process. 


Medical, photo, and scholarship forms are part of the registration process, so you will fill them out as you move through the prompts.

To access forms or fill out a new form:

  • Click on the family member the form is for and scroll down. You'll see "forms" as one of the options below.

  • Click on the + button along the right and it will show existing forms.

  • Choose the form you want to access, or click "choose a new form"

See the video below for Forms help. 

Scholarship Applications

To apply for scholarship:

Fill out the Scholarship Application when registering your child. 

Choose "Other Payment Options":

On the next page, click on the + next to Teen Camp to see Additional payment options. Choose the scholarship payment plan. 

scholarhsip form picture.jpeg

Watch the video below to see the complete process for registering with scholarship application. 

Adding or Editing Medications

If you need to edit the medications your child is taking prior to camp, click on the child's name on the home page and scroll down. You'll see a section called "Medications". Simply click on the + next to Medications and then click where it says "Manage medications". If you have already entered medications they will appear and you can change, add, or delete medications as necessary.