Thank you to everyone who has participated in our strategic planning process this year.  This process was careful, prayerful and Spirit-led, and we are excited to share our work with you. 

Our mission is to nurture authentic relationships with God, one another and ourselves that transform lives. 

Our vision is that within ten years, ECC will evolve into our year-round vibrant diocesan camp and lodge, nurturing life-changing connections to God’s children who long for clarity in their journey. 

Our core values are:

  • Authentic connection to God, one another, and ourselves
  • Safe community to explore, cultivate, and strengthen faith
  • Acceptance 
  • Service
  • Simplicity 
  • Generosity 
  • Joy

We have five working areas:

  • Impactful Programs (this is our critical focus area)
  • Financial 
  • Facilities and Grounds
  • Organizational Development
  • Marketing and Sales

At their meeting in June of 2016, Diocesan Council approved our preliminary work on our Core Values, Mission, and Vision. Diocesan Convention saw this plan presented in November of 2016. At their December 2016 meeting, Diocesan Council approved the five working areas and the strategic objectives set in those areas. 

The exciting work of implementation has already begun. We will make updates available to you as often as possible. 

See the full Strategic Discernment Plan.