Please join us for a

Volunteer Work Day at ECC!

Sunday, April 8, 2018, 9am-5pm

Calling all work project lovers! Please join us for a day of spring volunteer work at ECC. Our dispensary (pictured above) is going to be removed so needs to be prepared for removal. In addition to that project we have many other smaller scale projects to help get our property ready for the summer season. We'd welcome anyone over age 18 to join us for the day! We'll provide lunch. 

Want more information about the work project or the event? Keep reading!!


WAIT. I have questions. 

I can't commit to the whole day - can I come for some of it? 

Yes! But please be able to commit to either the first half of the day or the second half. Lunch will be served at 12:30. Things will get hard to organize if people are stopping in sporadically just for an hour or two and we want to be efficient and not waste people's time!

Why on a Sunday? Don't you care about church?

We DO care about church! We had originally scheduled this event for Saturday, March 24th but then Mother Nature decided she wasn't done snowing. ECC is booked with groups almost every weekend, so Sunday the 8th was the best date we could find to make this happen. But don't worry! Church of the Beloved, where Meaghan Brower is the priest, meets just down the road in Pascoag at 5pm. So you can come to the work day AND come to church! Or you can join us for the second half of the day after church - whatever is best for you. 

Whoa - why are we removing the Dispensary? I love the dispensary!

So do we. But the dispensary has served us well for many years and it is tired! The building wasn't built with a foundation, which makes for lots of maintenance issues that are becoming costly, and the age of the building makes it almost impossible to keep clean. Having a clean place to treat our campers and staff is so important to us! We will send off this old friend with love, but she is ready to retire. 

So what's the plan for a new Dispensary?

We're glad you asked! For the next summer (or two) we'll be using a quality construction trailer which will have a restroom, a nurses station and a clean place for patient treatment. The trailer will be a summer rental, and Lance has big plans to make it look lovely and permanent while it's here. 

HOWEVER, stay tuned for more information about the construction of new large bathroom and dispensary. This project is in the works now and we're really excited about bringing it to fruition. IT'S FANCY Y'ALL.  Don't worry, it's camp fancy, not Plaza fancy or anything. But it will be amazing. If hearing about this project inspires you to help fund it we'd love to hear from you. Email Meaghan at