Worship at Beloved

 Truth be told, our worship doesn't typically look like it does in the photo above. That photo was taken at our Easter Vigil, which happens once a year and is incredibly beautiful. But that was a special occasion. Typically - especially lately - our worship looks more like this:

Beloved Basement.jpg

We are not trying to bait and switch you, we promise. We tend to only take pictures on the special days. And lately one of our folks is in a wheelchair and the upstairs isn't accessible (yet - we are a work in progress). So we've been worshipping in the basement. Beloved in the Basement, as we like to call it.

Here is what you really need to know about our worship:

We use the Book of Common Prayer for our liturgy, and songs from a variety of places including but not limited to contemporary Christian musicians, the 1982 Hymnal, and various other hymnals. We rely on members of the parish to play music so sometimes if no one can make it, we don't have music. We hear God in our laughter or the murmurs (or shrieks) of children instead on those days. 

Our worship is reverent, but informal. Some might say very informal (the green table cloths might be an indicator). We come as we are, truly, which sometimes means in yoga pants and often means in Converse. But we are sincere, and our prayers and songs are authentic and heartfelt. 

Our worship is beautiful (we are biased, but also right about this one.) While we tend to look like Beloved in the basement, our worship always feels like the worship in the banner photo. We hope you'll come join us, and we hope you'll feel it too.