In 2016, the Episcopal Conference Center began a strategic planning process to discern God's continuing dream for this camp and retreat center.  The following Core Values, Mission Statement, and Vision Statement represent some of that work. 

Over the course of our work together developing this strategic plan one thing was abundantly clear: ECC has - since its inception - been a place where people have felt the profound influence of God and Christian community, and their experiences at camp have significantly shaped their lives.  One of the easiest parts of this process was identifying the mission of ECC, the core of which has not changed despite changes in the church, in leadership, and in our culture. The consistency of our mission and message is worth noting and celebrating.

Mission Statement

We nurture authentic connections with God, one another, and ourselves that transform lives. 

Vision Statement

Within ten years, ECC will evolve into our year-round vibrant diocesan camp and lodge, nurturing life-changing connections to God’s children who long for clarity in their journey. 

Core Values

  • Authentic connection to God, one another, and ourselves
  • Safe community to explore, cultivate, and strengthen faith
  • Acceptance 
  • Service
  • Simplicity 
  • Generosity 
  • Joy