We nurture authentic relationships with God, one another, and ourselves that transform lives. 

This mission statement was written in 2016, but represents what the ECC experience has been for people for almost 70 years that we have been providing summer camp for Rhode Island. We offer many camp sessions over the summer for children, teens, families, and people with special needs. 

A painted rock at the entrance of the camp reads “He who enters here is a stranger but once.”  That has been the experience of generations of people who have come and called ECC a second home.  We welcome you as part of the family, and hope that you will come be part of our community and find it a home! Watch the video created to celebrate our 70th Anniversary below.

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Adult conferences begin on Friday at 6pm and end Sundays at 2pm. You can expect an invitation to unplug, free time, meaningful program, lovely meals, and the chance for friendship and fellowship. Adult conferences renew and inspire - join us in November!

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